Oct 2020

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A world premiere performance by Toowoomba prodigy and emerging performer, Jacob Watton

Jacob Watton is dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st Century when an Alexa device takes over his house. Her snide remarks and wilful disobedience mean Jacob is forced to sit in the dark night after night. Is there a magic word he's supposed to use? Or maybe Alexa just doesn’t like him!

Jacob uses Amazon Alexa technology to create a hilarious and interactive performance experience with a twist. Become part of the journey as Jacob and Alexa work together to tell a story of humanity vs technology. One thing is certain - Alexa has a mind of her own and no two performances will be the same!

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Friday 16 October - 5.30pm - BOOK TICKETS

Friday 16 October - 7.45pm - BOOK TICKETS

Saturday 17 October - 5.30pm - BOOK TICKETS

Saturday 17 October - 7.45pm - BOOK TICKETS


The Studio, Empire Theatre


All tickets - $10




Buy Tickets for 7.45pm Saturday 17 October


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