Oct 2020

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Join this high-energy and super fun show brought to you by the team of circus artists and mischief makers behind international touring sensation Briefs. Enjoy wild circus skills, acrobats at crazy heights, pumping music, cheeky clowning antics and eye-popping party tricks! This is a noisy, fun, silly show for all ages. Grab your hula- hoop, put on your party outfit and join the Brat Kids Carnival!


“I highly recommend this fantastic and edgy show, that will keep the parents highly entertained as well as the little people” – Play & Go Adelaide

 “It’s a rare thing that a children’s piece holds its young audience in such high regard... no wishy-washy CBeebies storytelling: this is as hardcore as you get for children.” The Irish Times

About Briefs Factory

Briefs Factory is an Australian creative collective who manufacture, cultivate and present evocative, irreverent, physical performance. Best known for their flagship project Briefs, the company’s work also includes Hot Brown Honey, Club Briefs, Brat Kids Carnival and Slumber Party.  Inspired by circus, drag, dance, burlesque, music, comedy and the ever- changing world around them, Briefs Factory are dedicated to developing and touring their brand of award winning, genre defying, political party punk around the world.



Event Information

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Friday 16 October - 4.30pm - BOOK TICKETS

Saturday 17 October - 4.30pm - BOOK TICKETS


Empire Theatre


Adults at children's prices - $15

Child under 3 years - $10

Groups of 6 or more - $13

Empire Theatre cardholder - $13




Buy Tickets for 4.30pm Friday 16 October


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